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Biomedical Engineers

 Biomedical engineers develop equipment, procedures and tools that are needed to solve medical problems. They combine engineering practices with their knowledge of biology and medicine.  Biomedical engineers develop:
  • Artificial organs,
  • artificial devices that replace body parts (robotic arms),
  • medical instrumentation,
  • medical information systems,
  • tools that help the blind see,
  • tools that help the deaf hear,
  • health management systems,
  • imaging systems (x-rays, MRI),
  • devices that control body function (insulin injection),
  • Biocompatible implants & materials,
  • Safety standards for medical devices,


Cotton Candy Bandages are not edible, but this new fiber could be the right medicine for persistent wounds.

 Biomedical engineers developed this cotton candy-like substance (pictured above). It is composed of borate glass nanofibers.