Play our group game and see who can provide the most energy efficient city. Click  here  to begin


“Drawing a line is not as easy as it seems. This game is neat.  Draw a line to guide the sugar through the system and into all of the cups.”  – Rena

Design a Roller Coaster


Learn the science of making a rollercoaster and design one of your own.  Be careful not to make your passengers sick.



 Place bowling balls, basketballs and bubbles on the screen to get the eight-ball to the flag in each level through the system design.

Use a Time Machine

 Use your time machine to interact with past versions of yourself in this puzzle/platformer!
Build a bridge and test your construction skills. Help your workers collect items located on the other side of the valley.

Cloud Dreamer-Make Your Own Cloud

 “I like to make clouds on this game. Its nice to see my ideas that I created in the sky.” Muriya age 6

Puzzle Blocks

“I did it! That was a fun game because you get to figure out wheree everything goes and how the blocks fit together” Sarah